In an age where visibility is key, what weight do you put on your voice and how you speak? I’m guessing you’re like most people, and the answer is none! Am I right?

Well what if I told you that what matters most is the way you come across. It’s the way you show up, it’s how you make people feel, that determines whether they wish to do business with you or not.

And what weight do you put on how you show up, so that you can differentiate yourself from all of the other coaches, trainers, influencers out there? I’m not talking about branding colours, i’m talking about the colour of YOU!

Let’s talk micro-skilling.

I’m seeing more and more influencers turn to voice coaching as THIS IS WHAT MATTERS MOST at their level. Their marketing is nailed, their Facebook ads are down pat, and they have a constant stream of income…. then what? Then it’s time to go up another level. So, they launch a mastermind, or an inner circle … great! And then what? They launch a podcast or a show on You Tube (Insert danger sign). Don’t get me wrong, it’s the right thing to do for their business growth, and that is the level they are at, and it is exactly the trajectory for success. B.U.T …. this is where their visibility is at it’s greatest. And this is where they will be scrutinised the MOST!

It’s a brave step, and hat’s off to the amazing success stories that are at that level. And an even bigger applause to those who turn inwardly to review what needs fine tuning. This is where they take a more serious  look at their voice, their personal impact, their trademark so to speak.

Voice work is an inch by inch game. Slight tweaks can make the biggest difference. A soft rising inflection, in between two falling inflections is impactful. What your voice does (and says to your listener) when you speak, really matters. What your voice conveys, separate to your words, matters more.

Is what your voice is saying in alignment with what your words are saying?

We commonly know this as an undertone. Everyone has an undertone. Most people have never even considered it.

What’s your undertone? Is your undertone the same in business as when you are hanging out with friends?

Have you ever asked anyone how they perceive how you feel about yourself when you speak? 

It’s a great exercise to do (as long as it is honest and articulate) as their feedback will provide you with some great insights about how you show up!

If you would like some feedback on how you sound when you show up, some honest feedback, then head on over to my ABOUT page and book a time with me.

Until next time, speak well and stay well!

Sam x