The world and its people mostly inspire and excite me. The tenacity people display, the commitment and care they show, the determination to overcome adversity and oppression is awesome. The selfless acts and fights some take on – often for a life time – only to leave this world a better place, are remarkable.

Yet others suck the life and soul out of this world. Their selfish expectations and narcissistic self serving approach to day to day life is the only thing they have to focus on. It propels itself day in and day out. Their constant search for excuses to blame their poor choices and basic lack of courtesy on sickens me. As if having a “label” for the outcome of their repetitive poor behaviour and negative outlook excuses it. No it doesn’t. The sense of a higher entitlement that some live with is not only a chronic handicap to themselves, but an insult and drain on the world and the people around them.

I am proud to know and be friends with people who have suffered loss and battled through it. I am proud to know those who have and continue to put others before themselves based on principle and for the sake of a better world, I am encouraged by those who live their truth, and sacrifice personal reward for universal betterment. And I a humbled by those who give generously, love kindly, care deeply and cherish reality.

Those that create drama for the sake of having something to occupy their minds and practice their repertoire of nastiness are simply taking up space in this precious world of ours. To waste my time with futile and self created drama is the greatest waste of human capacity and spirit and of a few precious moments in my beautiful life!

Step aside and let the real people take up space to make a difference.