Work the camera baby

Whether you’re posing for the camera, or about to film a video, how you position your body matters. You want a striking pose, that’s natural and flattering.

The Flattering shot

You want to drop your chin, and look slightly up with your eyes towards the lens. It shows off your jaw structure and facial bones, rather than showing too much neck and chin.

Exercise 1: Drop your head and look at your toes. Now lift your eyes up first and slowly lift up your head. Find the lens with your eyes. Your chin will be down but now lift your chin up slightly, but not so that it is level. You should still be looking up a little with your eyes. That’s it. Now smile for the camera!


Exercise 2: Keep your head position and eyes on one spot, turn your head to one side (about 15 degrees) so that you are looking from the corner of your eyes.


This gives you a softer look and feel. Princess Diana claimed this look!

Don’t believe that raising your chin will help alleviate a double chin look. It wont – it will show more of your throat and neck, which is unflattering. Have a look at this shot of Goldie Hawn!


Standing “front on” to the camera is considered a confrontational stance, and isn’t not the most flattering position. Try turning your body away about 20 degrees, where you have to turn your head back to look at the camera. One shoulder is slightly more forward than the other.


Hold your hands in front of you BUT NOT over your crutch (crotch if you are from North America!). Hold them in front of your waist, with your elbows glued to your waist. To stop your hands form flailing around, cling onto one finger with one hand. This is your base position. Now you can move your hands when you choose to without waving your arms around unconsciously.



The secret of connection is in how you engage with the lens. Lets face it, we don’t often communicate in person these days, do we?

Q: Do you look at it or through it?

A: You need to look through the lens, and picture one person on the other side. Think of someone you love or someone who you might be able to help the most. It will penetrate the barrier of the lens and make your viewers think you are looking at or speaking just to them.

Give it a shot. Get yourself out there and start embracing your celebrity presence!

Sam x