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“Speaking is an inner job not an outward performance. It is a journey of diving into your deeper self where passion and doubt toss around in tumultuous seas. Be present, listen to your heart and connect deeply with your true message. Speak from that place.”

– Sam Buckingham | Professional Speaking Coach, Public Speaker Trainer + Vocal Mentor

I know you. You are smart, savvy, soulful and wise.

You have a big heart, big dreams and a big, bold vision. You want to make a difference in this world and you’ve got something important to say. You have a voice and it matters.

But for so long, you haven’t felt heard. You’ve been too afraid to be who you truly are. Maybe you’re supremely shy or nail-bitingly nervous or anxious about what it means to use your voice and speak up


You’re due to give a mind-blowing keynote speech to an audience of hundreds but the words just won’t come. You want to create those soul-stirring moments when you speak but you’re afraid to get your a%$e up on stage and give it a red hot go. 

And you can’t stand that brash, over-the-top style of professional speaking and ‘boardroom bravado’ which feels like a ‘fake’ performance.

You want to light up the room with your powerful presence.  You want to inspire, influence and motivate your audience to action. You want to build an extraordinary brand that people adore.

And to do all of that? You need to step up. Speak out. Be visible. 

And use the power of your voice.

To stand up on stage or wow your crowd online, you not only need the technical skills and tools to master your unique voice.

You need to connect with your true message and speak with heart and soul.

Which is where I come in.



My name is Sam Buckingham

I am a professional speaker coach, voice expert and the Founder and Creator of Expert Speak, my signature online group coaching program. 

I can help you to help you craft your talk, speak from your heart, leverage your influence and change lives with the power of your message.

If you have a life changing story inside of you or a powerful idea that you wish to share, but haven’t had the courage, confidence or clarity to get it into the world, then let’s speak!  Your audience are READY! 


Harness your message

Let’s dive deep into your big, bold message, tell your story and make the difference to peoples lives you are meant to make.

Let’s unearth your story – your audience are ready to hear it. 



Discover your highest potential

Are you ready to tap into your story, unearth your key learnings and move mountains with your message and hearts with your voice?


Be that person

You have everything you need right now to stand up, speak from the heart and make the difference you are here to make. You CAN be that person you dream of being.


Are you ready to master your professional speaking skills, engage your powerful voice and discover your highest potential?

“When you learn how to harness your inner power, master your message and own your voice, you will be memorable. Remarkable. Unstoppable. You will change lives.”

– Sam Buckingham | Professional Speaking Coach, Public Speaker Trainer + Vocal Mentor

Media Bio

From the stage to the boardroom to live videos and TV, Sam has a passion and skill for helping her clients maximise their influence, stop playing small and bring their words (and story) to life. Here’s a peak into her industry experience. 

“I called Sam Buckingham while preparing my very first piece-to-camera script for a global launch campaign. The gorgeous Sam sees straight through your layers of conditioning and tension, and provides a clear pathway towards your true and most rewarding form of expression. 

I recommend her unequivocally to anyone preparing for an important speech, media training, or seeking connection and genuine, effective expression in their everyday life. “

Annie Kendall

Founder, Helo Mojo

“Speaker training with Sam has TRANSFORMED the way I show up ONLINE.  

At a personal level, the learnings have been deep and insightful, pushing me beyond my comforts, to perform more consciously. That in itself, is powerful.

If you have to even think about how you sound or come across, then that’s enough to tell you that you need Sam!”

Jessica Nazarali

Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach

“Visibility is paramount for success in the online (and offline) space. Video, workshops, social stories, and more all require you to stand up and share your message. Your ability to do this well, will give you the competitive edge to stand out from the noise. 

Working with Sam transformed my presentation style. Sam Buckingham is without doubt, Australia’s go-to expert when it comes to speaking and presenting. 

If you struggle with your presence at all, then don’t think twice, book in to see Sam and she will sort you out.”

Jane Copeland

Online Business Coach

“Amazing. Absolutely amazing.  

Its refreshing to have someone on your team who has your back from start to finish and crosses the line with you. Sam delivers and goes above and beyond to do so. No cookie cutter approach, Sam was highly supportive and understood exactly what I wanted and needed to achieve. She lit the way from beginning until end and was personally vested in the end result. 

I couldn’t have achieved the end result without her. I can’t recommend Sam highly enough. If you want support, guidance, authenticity AND results in the hands of someone who keeps it real, Sam delivers.”

Sharon Ruddleston


Retreats & Coaching


14 Night Yoga Cruise – Croatia

14 nights aboard a completely refurbished wooden gullet. Daily water sports, yoga and meals. 

Private Session

Speaker Strategy Session

I can help you get crystal clear on your message and deliver it with inner confidence and pure passion

Group Coaching

Next Level Speaking

Information on this exclusive group coaching session is coming soon. Send me a message and I’ll add you to my list. 

How do I know if I need a Speaker Trainer?

What can you help me do?

I can help you write your talk, land speaking gigs and start speaking with intention and impact wherever you are. I can help you wow your audience and create soul-stirring moments. 

How Do I Know if your services are right for me?

If you have a big heart, big dreams and a big, bold vision.

Or if you want to make a difference in this world and you’ve got something important to say. 

You have found yourself here because, you haven’t felt heard. You have found yourself here because you struggle to speak with clarity, precision and to make an impact. 

That’s where I step in. 


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