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If you are doing any kind of speaking - on video, in webinars, podcasts, live streaming or speaking from stage - the way you show up is crucial to your success.

It's not what you say that counts, but how you say it. Your success critically depends on your manner of presenting.

If you are looking for a strategic advantage in business, the fastest way is to sharpen your leadership edge and develop the soft skills of speech and voice.

Hi I'm Sam

Hi, my name is Sam Buckingham!
I help coaches, small business owners and entrepreneurs learn the art to masterful communication techniques for maximum influence and authority.

I know exactly what it takes to move people to take action, pick up the phone, or say YES!

Good speech and communication is not a birthright. It is a learned and powerful life skill, that when mastered, will give you greater influence, authority and impact in everything you do, online and off.

More About Me

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Finding a trainer in this industry who really knows what they’re talking about because they’re still working in the industry is rare. Sam Buckingham has the years of experience behind her as well as the present. As a working industry professional Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to her training and gives her all in passion and diligence to her students giving them the upper hand in starting out or improving their craft.

    Rozz Switzer CEO, DRTV Talent / Television personality
  • Sam Buckingham is without doubt one of the most talented communicators and presenters I have worked with in the television industry over the past 30 years. Sam gets it! She is thorough in her research, absorbs the brief and then nails it every time. Apart from that she has always got a smile on her face and is a pleasure to work with. PS She also tells a great joke!

    Max Compton Television Producer, Risk Free TV and Infobreak

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  • Doing videos, webinars or podcasts? Learn how to present with impact and connect with your audience with my free video success series!

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Doing videos, webinars or podcasts?

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