Speak with IMPACT with Sam Buckingham

Speak with IMPACT

Don't speak like a leader? 

Don’t like the sound of your voice?  

Don't think you are interesting enough? 

Don’t like how you come across on camera?

Feel awkward? LOOK awkward? Sound awkward!?  

The negative voice kicks in and knocks your confidence?  

Lose your power and 'weird out' when you go to open your mouth?  

Can't quite put your finger on WHY you don't hold your power when you speak?

Then this free training is for you!

Ever felt any of these...?


  • Your voice flatlined - you sounded dull and boring! 
  • Your inner voice told you "I'm uninteresting" 
  • You couldnt HIDE your nerves - embarrassing! 
  • Your head drew a blank
  • Your mouth went dry, your voice went shaky


  • Your voice was shaky
  • You took too long to get to the point or you didn’t even have a point in the first place (diluted your power)
  • You fidgeted and didn't know what to do with your hands 
  • You played SMALL
  • You sounded unprofessional  
  • You lost your power


  • You felt incredibly nervous on camera
  • You looked stilted and stiff and awkward
  • You had a glazed over stare or your eyes wandered 
  • You didn’t know how to open or sign off
  • You didn’t like the sound of your voice? 
  • Your words didnt have teeth and didnt carry your message well
  • Your had a repetitive lilt, a recurring downward inflection
  • You lacked energy, enthusiasm and style
  • And if you really think about it, your location wasn’t great after all.
  • The lighting was crap and it made the whole thing look amateurish 

If you are doing any kind of speaking, this training is for you!  

If you want to be seen as a leader, you must SPEAK like a leader. 

I will show you why speaking across any medium without focusing on your leadership voice is probably one of THE BIGGEST MISTAKES YOU are making and you DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU’RE MAKING it! 

Your success critically depends on your manner of presenting.  

Sharpening your leadership edge by way of fine tuning your speaking is by far the most powerful way to a strategic advanage in business.  

Speak with Impact FREE video series you will ...

  • Learn that HOW you speak and deliver your content is equally as important AS your content
  • Learn how to evaluate how your own voice sounds to others!
  • Learn the secrets (the 4 P's) to vocal variety
  • Learn how to punctuate your spoken words
  • Begin to speak consciously and with purpose
  • Learn how to inject energy into your delivery to captivate and engage
  • Learn to identify your key words and messages to emphasise
  • Learn the industry secrets to why varying PACE is critical for engagement
  • Discover how to adjust your PITCH so as to have your audience hanging off your every word!
  • Learn the art to masterful PAUSING for emphasis, suspense and reflection
  • Learn to play with your POWER so as to draw your audience to you
  • Learn how to create urgency simply by varying your vocal style, NOT your words
  • Become armed with an invisiable tool box of master speaking techniques to empower you the next time you step up to speak, and dissolve nerves
  • Discover how to INSTANTLY gain a competitive advantage in business

This training will introduce you to MASTER SPEAKING techniques required for impactful speaking


1. PITCH - varying pitch is essential for expressing emotion, and emotion captivates an audience

2. PACE - speaking too quickly or too slowly will repel your audience. Varying your pace, along with micro-changes in emotion, will engage your audience and help crerate suspense, excitement and connection. 

3. VOCAL POWER - Volume + emotion = POWER. Speaking too loudly or too softly is off-putting and will push your audience away. Varying your power as your emotion changes is critical to upholding energy in your presentation. 

4. PAUSING - pausing is different to pace and it is important to know that difference. Effective use of pauses when speaking creates emphasis on words, phrases and key messages. Pauses also create suspence and allow your audience to reflect on what you have said. Pauses are critical for powerful communication. 

5. EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM- understanding the underlying emotions behind your content and the emotional triggers you wish to target in your audience is VITAL to speaking like a leader. 

Hi I'm Sam Buckingham!

TV Presenter, Speaker and international voice over artist.  

I help coaches, senior executives and leaders speak with power, authority and impact. I help to fine tune their performance, by devloping skills and techniques beyond the bounds of traditional public speaking. 

Using powerful, proven communicaion and voice techniques, I help leaders trasform their vocal power for maximum influence, stature and authority online and off. 

I know how to captivate a room with my voice, command authority with my speech craft and make an impact with my presence. These are skills that you need now, to make a remarkable impact every time you step up and speak. Leadership is crucial in this visible, virtual era. Speaking like a leader is essential. And winging it, no loner cuts it!  

I spent 12 years studying speech and drama and have used my voice professionally for over two decades. I have culminated my years of experience and knowledge into practical programs to help sassy and driven leaders perform at their best.  

Are you ready to tap into your voice and discover your highest potential, to elevate your prestige and become the authority you are meant to be?  

A Snapshot of my Industry Experience

The quickest way to a strategic advantage in business is to develop your presentaion skills